A downloadable game

Run across the infinite Alpaca's Valley. A wonderful place where all the alpacas can run freely without any distraction.
Feel this allegory of the intense non-stop life-style we are all living.

PS: It has some in-app purchases for just 666$ for no reason at all. Buy our alpaca's hat today!

Soon in VR too!! (only Oculus Vive)

By The Alpaca Paca's & Alpacapacino Team with <3.

Install instructions

You will need a gameboy emulator in order to play, or a real GameBoy with a flash card.


MuffinTheAlpaca.gb 64 kB


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Do alpacas like apples?

of...of course! <typing fast searching about alpacas eating apples> YES

like life itself!! hehehehe Great grafics.

Best alpaca walking simulator ever!